Superior flavours

Rest assured your customers will be consistently wowed with the flavours quality ingredients produce. 

Each ingredient is carefully selected to stand alone or combine in a wonderful way, producing unique and memorable bites every time. 

Does your supplier provide the quality of desserts you really want?

Don't settle for the best ingredients your major supplier can source - settle for the best ingredients possible!  Our local and small batch suppliers work in your favour to source unique and wonderful flavours. 

Better taste

Selection of the highest possible quality ingredients, local, fresh sourcing provides a wonderful array of unique and seasonal flavour possibilities. 

Pricing Options:

Green and local

Your best answer for Quality

Wholesale and retail pricing available.  No order is too small or too big (try us). 

All of our products are quality guaranteed and replaceable free of charge if not completely delighted.


Improved quality

Quality ingredients produce quality products!

Are you constantly seeking new flavours to impress your customers?

Locally roasted espresso, premium cocoa, local dairy, fleur de sel, Belgian chocolate.  These are a few of our favourite things and we are constantly exploring new flavour profiles.

quality - custom - local - handmade

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