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baking expertise on demand

We have the time you need to make the desserts your customers crave!

Are you making sacrifices in quality or consistency due to time crunches?

Dessert Island uses only the highest quality ingredients to create their sensational sweets.  The flavour, quality and consistency of our products will keep your customers coming back time after time.

You simply pick up the phone or email us and we provide you with an awesome customer service experience deliver amazing desserts on time, every time. 




Recipe Development

Bridging the gaps in your current menu offerings, Dessert Island provides menu consulting, recipe development and testing to provide you with the innovation and creativity on demand. 




Your time means everything to us

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Do you have the space it takes to make amazing desserts?

Our seamless experience means you don't need an inventory of baking ingredients, preparation space or  specialized equipment.  Dessert Island gives you back the space to do what you do best while we impress with on-time delivery and responsive customer service only a small local business can provide.

Your speed to market matters.  Without having to source, purchase and inventory new products, you are able to increase your operational efficiency by delivering better products faster.

Wholesale and retail pricing available.  No order is too small or too big (try us). 

All of our products are quality guaranteed and replaceable free of charge if not completely delighted.